Every Single Florida Golf Course Community

It might be challenging to choose your next home on a golf course, particularly in a golf community, golf estate, or golf estate community. Since there are so many wonderful golf communities and country clubs from which to pick. South East Florida is home to 107 of Florida’s more than 400 golf communities. Making it the most popular place to play the game in the Sunshine State.

Your search will be simplified, accelerated, and made more fun by using our Directory of All Golf Communities in Florida. You may go through our list of all 107 residential golf course communities in South East Florida by county and city, and you will soon be able to browse MLS Listings of all golf course houses that are currently on the market in each community. We give not just overviews of all of the Communities’ golf courses. But also biographies of the golf architect(s) responsible for designing those courses.

Please have a look at our selection of the top 28 golf communities in South Florida. We believe it to be the cream of the crop when it comes to golf communities in South Florida. Or, check our selection of the top 28 golf communities in the state of Florida.

View golf houses for sale and rent in South East Florida organized by county and city below. Browse through all golf communities in the region.

Broward County Golf Communities

Coral Springs

Coral Springs is a picturesque town that is located around 20 miles to the northwest of Fort Lauderdale and has had significant population growth over the last 50 years. The land that was formerly used for growing beans and cattle has been developed into a prosperous city that is known for its welcoming environment for families, extensive recreational facilities, successful industries, and excellent educational opportunities.

Deerfield Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches in Florida can be found at Deerfield Beach. It also has the world’s longest international fishing pier at 976 feet and the longest “cable-ski” course in the United States for surfing, skiing, and wakeboarding. This city is a terrific place for young professionals as well as seniors since it is filled to the brim with restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. Palm trees can be seen all around the city.

Fort Lauderdale

In addition to its beaches and boating opportunities, the area known as “The Strip” in Fort Lauderdale is home to a large number of high-end restaurants, bars, shops, and hotels. Residents may enjoy nature, boating, varied neighborhoods, and activities throughout the year thanks to the city’s average of more than 300 sunny days per year. Other places of interest include the International Swimming Hall of Fame. Which has swimming pools as well as a museum devoted to swimming memorabilia, and Hugh Taylor Birch State Park, which is home to both hiking trails and a lagoon.


Between the Everglades and Deerfield Beach is where you’ll find the town of Parkland. Because of Parkland’s zoning restrictions, which work to preserve the city’s “park-like” nature, residents here enjoy one of the most stunning and picturesque settings in which to live. The residents take pleasure in the attractive scenery, stunning waterfront mansions, and secure communities.


Residents enjoy a broad variety of recreational and retail attractions, such as Central Park, an Aquatic Complex, a Farmer’s Market, and a Historical Museum. Which contributes to the area’s reputation as one of the most desirable areas to live in the state of Florida. Plantation’s urban/suburban mix features a variety of parks with neighboring coffee shops.


Weston may have one of the greatest percentages of waterfront residences of any city in the United States since it was designed to take advantage of the lakes and lagoons that were already there on the border of the Everglades. Weston is well renowned for its verdant surroundings that are perfect for activities like as bicycling, hiking, and animal watching, as well as hunting and fishing. In addition, Weston is home to a diverse selection of stores, motels, and restaurants.

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